Video & Photography

Video and photography services make one of the most popular service domains we operate in. At Contrast Advertising, we have been helping corporate clients as well as small startups establish their brands through the power of film for 10 years. Video is the only medium that engages audiences with sound, visuals, and animation all at the same time, creating impact that is unachievable by most other types of content.

Our Video & Photography Services
Corporate Videos

An expertly produced corporate video can help your business and brand get more than the attention of your target markets. It can position your business as a leading entity in its industry by means of impressive presentation and a powerful narration. We can create such videos for your business.

Events Coverage

Exhibits, Conferences, And Corporate Events Your Business Participates In Have The Power To Give Your Brand Image A Boost If They Are Covered Adequately. With Our Events Coverage Experts By Your Side, You Can Create Video Presentations That Can Be Archived And Used To Promote Your Business Achievements Via Effective Pr.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos Have Always Held A Special Place In The World Of Video And Photography Services. A Masterfully Crafted Promotional Video Can Entice Your Target Audience With A Subtle Message That Does Not Need Be Said Overtly. Our Video Production Team Can Create Authentic Promotional Videos For Individuals, Teams, Organizations, And Products.

Training Videos

Training videos are a great resource for employment training and other types of educational purposes. Whether you are building an online course for students or professionals, creating a series of tutorials about a skill set, or an awareness video, you will find our team full of ideas and the technical qualifications needed.

Product/ Service Launch Coverage

A service or product launch can be covered with video production to create presentations that can position your products and services among the leaders in the industry. After all, the perception your target audience has of your products and services is of utmost importance, and our video and photography team can help you maneuver it.

2d Animations

If you are not interested in real-life film, we can offer you dynamic and highly effective 2D animation videos. Our expert designers can bring ideas, imagery, and even abstract concepts to life with sophisticated animation to deliver high-impact messages on an affordable budget and incredibly fast turnaround times.

Corporate Photoshoots

Corporate photo shoots executed by a team of professionals become symbols of commemorating achievements. With our expert photographers in your team, you will never have to let any significant corporate achievement go without creating happy memories, not to mention professional content for your PR campaigns.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation gives you many benefits, including no costs of casting actors or shooting a video with complex and expensive equipment. More than that, whiteboard videos show a drawing hand, which makes the viewers subconsciously commit to the message, thinking they are drawing the scene. Our expert whiteboard videos are already helping clients get their messages through.

Video Production Services

The Most Effective Customer Engagement Medium Today!

  • Corporate Videos
  • Advertising Video Production
  • YouTube & Social Media Video Production
  • Promotional Video Production
  • 3D & 2D Animation Video Production
  • Animated Slideshow Video Production
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Event Video Production
  • Training Video Production
  • Education & Training Video Production
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Video Presentations
  • Video Editing & Finalising

Video in Print
Interactive and powerful marketing tool

Video brochures are printed brochures that have interactive digital pages built within. It is the incorporation of the LCD screen that drives and delivers powerful information solutions that can generate targeted leads and ROI. The use of video brochures as a marketing solution is a powerful option for brands wanting to effectively communicate their message in a memorable way

Professional Photography

Introduce the world to your business with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, locations, products, customers and events.

Professional photos for all clients
  • Corporate team photography
  • Product photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Event photography
  • Location and architectural photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Food photography
  • Social media photography
Our photography services include:
  • Full-day or half-day photo shoots with all necessary equipment
  • Professional camera and lens kits
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Single-shooter and multi-shooter options
  • Photo editing, color correction and retouching
  • Complete photo library access with full usage rights
  • Photo metadata to SEO best practices
  • Photo library hosting


• Professional expertise on an array of video and photography services
• Expertly crafted exposure to the target audiences with controlled effect
• Advanced level of expertise, equipment, and post-production services ready to serve you
• Video production with superior results, fast turnaround time, and affordable costs
• And more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your video and photography needs.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your video and photography needs.

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